Unveiling the Social Media Sensations Artemis and Apollo, with a Massive Fan Following.

Artemis and Apollo, two feline friends residing in London with their owners Reka and Peter, boast an impressive Instagram following of over 117,000. The duo recently published their autobiographical book and a calendar featuring their escapades. In preparation for their next book, they went on a Scottish photo tour. Despite their busy schedule of “miowdeling” gigs and public appearances, Artemis and Apollo have no plans to slow down in the new year. According to Reka, the cats seem to have plans to conquer the world with their charm and charisma. She has her own plans for them too, which includes completing the Scottish book. The book is a mystical treasure hunt with hundreds of exquisite images and comedic episodes that revolve around the duo’s quest for the medieval “sacred catnip.”

We’re excited to plan another trip to Scotland this summer with the goal of taking even better pictures than our first attempt. If all goes well, we hope to turn our travels into a book series that explores Wales, Ireland, and England as well. Despite being a dedicated cat mom to Artemis and Apollo now, Reka had never owned cats before – she grew up with dogs and had a pet ferret named Clark Snow who was her faithful companion for over eight years. Sadly, Clark passed away in 2014, leaving Reka devastated. During this time, she discovered Jonesy ‘the O2 cat’ through TV campaigns and was immediately drawn to the impressive appearance of the Maine Coon breed.

In Reka’s own words, she shares her fondness for Maine Coons and how she found the perfect feline companions in Artemis and Apollo. Being larger than most cats, Reka was drawn to their unique features such as their adorable faces and tufted ears. She desired a cat that was interactive and not distant, and her beloved duo fits the bill perfectly, albeit only when they’re in the mood. As frequent travelers, Reka and her partner chose to adopt two cats to ensure they have company while they’re away. We wonder if Artemis and Apollo became fast friends upon meeting!

Artemis and Apollo, who were named after the Greek gods of the moon and sun due to their fur colors, are foster brothers. While Artemis arrived with Reka and Peter a month earlier, Apollo, his “little redheaded brother”, came a few weeks later. It took them three days to warm up to each other, with Artemis initially hissing at Apollo. However, Artemis took on the role of the big sister, teaching Apollo proper litter box use and grooming habits. Although Apollo sometimes plays rough, they remain close and attached to each other. During vet visits or “meow forward” jobs, people often chuckle at the presence of the other kitty, but they help calm and relax each other. The adorable duo’s Instagram journey began from here.

Initially created as a lighthearted joke, Reka was pleasantly surprised at the rapid growth of their Instagram account featuring her cats, Artemis and Apollo. While the first year saw an impressive 80,000 followers, subsequent years have seen a steady, albeit slower, increase. Nevertheless, for Reka, the invaluable support and well-wishes from long-time supporters far outweighs any numerical metrics. It brings her immense joy to see the happiness Artemis and Apollo bring to others, especially during difficult times. Although not formally trained, the cats have been excellent role models since they were young kittens, and with a little patience and some tuna treats, they are more than willing to participate in photo shoots. The only challenge is coaxing them to look in the same direction simultaneously, but feather toys do the trick.

When it comes to cats, posing for photos is just a fun game. I particularly enjoy taking outdoor shots as nothing beats natural light. The sun helps to bring out the vibrant colors of their coats. For instance, Artemis’s fur looks ordinary in indoor shots, but her coat’s combination of colors becomes stunning when we capture her outdoors. The best part is that both Artemis and Apollo are well-behaved, so I don’t have to fret about them running away, even without leashes. They know we are their safe haven, and whenever they feel uneasy or insecure, they run to us rather than away from us.

Maine Coons are quite similar to wild cats; that’s why I love capturing them in more adventurous settings. For instance, I once posted a photo of Artemis in the wild, claiming she had spotted a lynx. Some people actually believed it, and the photo became one of our most popular ones. Artemis was quite proud of herself for being mistaken for a lynx!

Despite their busy schedules and exciting lifestyles, cats remain adorable companions. “They really enjoy human interaction. Whenever we’re in a room, they move in and hang out with us or paw us for attention,” Reka explains. “They also value their ‘me-time,’ where they go to a quiet corner of the apartment to meditate and just be themselves. After a while, they come back to check what we’re doing, and maybe they’ll tease us by sitting on the keyboard.”

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