“Two-legged Feline Sensation: Meet the Viral Cat Taking Social Media by Storm”

On May 3rd of this year, the world came together to celebrate National Pets with Special Disabilities Day. The holiday’s main objective is to raise awareness about the needs of disabled pets. It aims to educate the public about how to care for these pets and ultimately increase their chances of getting adopted. One cat’s story, in particular, has captured the hearts of many. Despite being born without front paws, this feline found its forever home and inspired countless people along the way.

Introducing Rexie Roo, an adorable kitten who was rescued despite being born without front legs. This little ball of fur moves with the help of hopping, like a kangaroo. Rexie Roo quickly found her new forever home with Cairistiona Flatley after she spotted the kitten at Best Friends Animal Society, an animal welfare organization based in Utah. Since then, Rexie Roo has been happily living with Cairistiona.

When Bored Panda got in touch with Cairistiona, the owner of Rexie Roo, she shared her story with us. She had been contemplating fostering or adopting another cat to keep her first cat company during the pandemic, since she had more time available to get to know them. Cairistiona has always been attracted to animals with special needs and when she saw Rexie on the Best Friends Instagram (@bfas_ut), she immediately felt a connection with him. Adopting an animal with special needs was a new experience for Cairistiona, and Rexie became her first one.

Naturally, we were curious about Rexie Roo’s unique character as a feline. “Rexie is an absolute darling,” we were told. “Whenever I arrive home, she eagerly greets me at the door and insists on joining me wherever I go. She adores cuddles and enjoys sleeping on my shoulder, neck, or even my head at night! Additionally, she has quite the appetite and dutifully wakes me up every morning for breakfast. I can always count on her to let me know when she’s ready for dinner or a snack. Since her recovery, I’ve discovered that she’s also quite playful and loves playing with wand toys.”

Upon discovering that Cairistiona’s home shelters more than just Rexie Roo, we were intrigued to learn about the other furry friends residing there. According to Cairistiona, her other rescued pet named KeeKee is also from Best Friends Animal Society and was adopted two years prior to Rexie Roo. At first, KeeKee was hesitant to share the spotlight with another furry friend but has since grown fond of snuggling and playing with Rexie Roo.

As for how Rexie Roo’s Instagram page came to be, it was originally created by one of his adopters, Danielle, in hopes of finding him a forever home. However, after Cairistiona adopted Rexie Roo, she took over the page to keep Best Friends and other animal shelters updated on his progress. Now, the Instagram account serves as a platform to showcase the pets’ stories, document their health and development, and raise awareness for pets with special needs.

We had the pleasure of speaking with the owner of a one-of-a-kind tuxedo kitten and asked if she had any interesting tales or trivia about her furry companion. She happily shared some fascinating details with us.
The feline, named Rexie Roo, got his moniker from the way he walks like a t-rex and jumps like a kangaroo. The owner was caught off-guard the first time Rexie hopped onto her bed, but it’s become a regular occurrence now. This kitty is a go-getter, and if he wants something, he won’t hesitate to pursue it.
Despite experiencing some trauma in the past, Rexie is an affectionate and loving creature. He has shown great strength and determination in overcoming his struggles. To his owner, he is the brightest light in her life, and she cherishes everything about him.

The incredible tale of Rexie Roo has captured the hearts of numerous individuals worldwide and has even gained viral status. As such, we were interested in hearing Cairistiona’s thoughts on the matter. Cairistiona expressed her delight that Rexie serves as a beacon of hope for people with special needs and demonstrates that they can live fulfilling lives if given the chance. She believes that Rexie’s story can impart valuable lessons to individuals about the fortitude, resilience, and compassion of animal lovers. Cairistiona hopes that Rexie’s account will inspire people to love and appreciate all creatures, particularly those that may appear different or move distinctively. She admires Rexie and would not change anything about him.

Cairistiona aimed to bring attention to the less talked about subject of adopting pets with disabilities, and she aimed to prove the point that Rexie Roo was just like any other cat, despite being born without front legs. Flatley mentioned that when people complimented her for adopting a cat with special needs, she couldn’t help but feel grateful for having the feline in her life.

The owner of a special needs cat has taken to social media to share their feline’s story and raise awareness about the capabilities of animals with disabilities. By sharing their cat’s journey, they hope to challenge common misconceptions and inspire others to see the potential for a full life in animals with unique challenges. Through their Instagram account, they also plan to promote animal welfare causes, encourage responsible pet ownership, and provide information about resources and organizations that support animals with special needs. Their goal is to create a community of support and spread a message of hope, resilience, and compassion for animals in need.

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