“Unwavering Devotion: Mother Dog Grieves Loss of Puppies and Revisits Their Final Resting Place”

A heartbreaking footage depicts a grieving mother dog who desperately tries to retrieve her deceased puppies from the graves. The unfortunate event occurred in Suzhou, Anhui Province, China, when the newborns were born with health issues.

According to the owner, Mr. Qin, a couple of puppies passed away while under their mother’s care and their remains were buried. However, he mentioned that the carcasses were retrieved around “five or six times.”

The initial footage features a canine holding a lifeless pup in its mouth, with the owner trying to comfort and eventually take the deceased body away from the animal’s jaws. The subsequent clip displays a mom dog licking the remains of two puppies that were buried in a shallow hole, indicating that she may have unearthed the grave herself.

The pooch, who appears to be downcast and shedding tears, responds positively to affectionate caresses from her caregiver. A separate clip depicts the canine ambling on a path while bearing one of her deceased puppies in her mouth. Eventually, Mr. Qin takes the puppy away from the dog and cradles its lifeless form in his hand.

It remains unclear whether any additional puppies made it through the birth.

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