“The Unwavering Spirit of a Canine: Smiling through 200 Pellets in his Body”

Introducing Buck! Despite being hit several times with a shotgun, we were pleasantly surprised by how docile and kind-hearted he is.

It’s fascinating to see how dogs can be so resilient, wagging their tails without a care in the world even when they have wounds caused by humans on their faces. It’s a testament to their incredible nature.

The dog was given round-the-clock care at Vergi for a thorough examination. They took multiple x-rays and a radiologist reviewed them before administering IV fluids, antibiotics, and pain medication to the dog. As some of his facial skin had died, the dog was sedated while doctors performed debridement. The team is optimistic about Buck’s recovery and hopes that whoever shot him will see that he is alive and well now. Despite someone’s vicious attempt to harm this innocent creature with a shotgun, Buck has survived, and the team is determined to give him a new lease on life and ensure he experiences complete recovery.

Despite the mystery surrounding who shot this innocent pup, we have the power to seek justice for Buck in alternative ways. One solution could be implementing measures to prevent a similar tragedy from occurring again. Buck was mercilessly shot and now has over 200 pellets embedded in his body, with a significant portion nestled in his face. Although the veterinarian has determined that reconstructive surgery may not be necessary, there are still opportunities for minor procedures to help his tissues heal properly.

The main worry is that his lip may not fully regenerate properly, but thankfully he is thriving in his temporary home. A big thank you to everyone who has shown love and provided support during this time.

After 20 days, he’s recovering splendidly despite someone’s unsuccessful attempt to harm him. Though he’s still hobbling a bit, his facial injuries are healing nicely and he’s acting as if nothing ever happened. Buck, on the other hand, appears to be undeterred by the unfortunate event, showcasing the impressive resilience and determination of our furry friends.

Initially, the plan was to wait for a fortnight to determine if the cause of his limping was muscle-related or if there was a pellet stuck in his joint. However, since Buck’s limping has not improved as expected, a CT scan may be conducted this week to identify any potential issues. If it turns out that a pellet is indeed lodged in his joint, surgery may be required to address the problem. Despite this setback, Buck’s facial wound has been healing nicely for over 24 days and it won’t be long before you can hardly tell that he was once shot in the face. Although the doctors didn’t deem it necessary to perform a CT scan at this stage, they are still keeping a close eye on Buck’s limping and are hopeful that it will improve with time.

Currently, Buck is getting ready for his neuter and heartworm treatment, which brings him one step closer to uncovering his genuine family. On the 30th day, he has been receiving numerous affectionate presents that have brought him great joy, even though he tends to damage them rapidly.

Buck is gearing up to start his heartworm treatment and has a loving family eagerly anticipating his full recovery.

In contrast, Buck’s recovery took over four months but he has now fully recuperated and is even stronger than before. He is set to embark on a journey to his new loving home. His wide smiles in the picture are indicative of his happiness. We appreciate all the support provided during his recovery.

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