The Lonely Stray Dog: Surviving Winter Hiding in a Car Tire Due to Mange

According to reports, she has found solace and shelter inside a car tire, where she rests and seeks refuge from the chilly weather. The opinions of the residents are divided; some are kind enough to send her food to help her survive, while others shoo her away from their doorstep because they consider her to be diseased and unkempt.

As she shivers on the street, we can see that some of her injuries are already bleeding. Given her current state, it’s highly unlikely she’ll survive the coming cold days. Despite her dire situation, she remains a good and quiet girl who only wants to find peace and enough food to live. Her body seems to be pleading for warmth as she searches for a place in the world where she won’t have to worry about being cold or hungry ever again.

For an extended period of time, a helpless pooch had been enduring torment from numerous locals who reside in the vicinity. It’s alarming that none of them showed even the slightest empathy towards the poor creature. Is this acceptable behavior in society? Fortunately, a kind-hearted individual stumbled upon the dog and rescued her. From that moment on, she will never go hungry again and was taken under his wing. Fahrudin Caki Bravo, the rescuer, proclaimed that the dog, along with all the other homeless canines he has adopted, will never feel unloved again. He vowed to provide them with a comfortable home until they find a forever family.

He chose the name Neve for her, and she dozed off peacefully after a satisfying meal and a soothing bath.

The following day, he brought her to the veterinarian who prescribed antibiotics and a treatment of coconut oil to prevent skin peeling. Unfortunately, she was also diagnosed with anemia.

Over the course of 80 days, this furry friend grew into a kind-hearted pooch who loves all living beings. Neve has a special affection for feline friends and can often be found playing with other dogs as well.

Meet Neve, the furry four-legged friend who has mastered the art of giving and receiving love.

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