The Journey of a Polydactyl Cat: Sansa’s Transformation from Outcast to Beloved Pet.

In my perspective, possessing unique qualities is a desirable trait. Each of us, including cats, has our own individuality which sets us apart from others. Being different from the rest is what makes us extraordinary. I firmly believe that when a cat exhibits unconventional features, it makes them stand out and shine even more. Sansa is a distinct feline, but she is unquestionably stunning. Her striking heterochromia eyes, 21 toes, and lustrous white fur make her look like an exceptional angelic kitten that leaves everyone in awe. Sadly, her previous owners abandoned her without realizing her charms. Fortunately, a kind woman came across her story online and knew that Sansa deserved a loving forever home. I am pleased to introduce Sansa the Polydactyl Cat, a true gem who deserves all the love and affection in the world.

Many people are hesitant to adopt Sansa, a feline with unique needs, due to fear of being unable to provide proper care for her. However, caring for any cat requires responsibility, and taking in a special needs cat should not be considered intimidating. In fact, hearing Sansa’s story could inspire more individuals to give these cats a chance. I had the privilege of speaking with Sansa’s owner and getting to know this lovely kitty better. Keep reading to learn more about this delightful feline.

During an adoption event at a Petco store in Manhattan back in July 2016, I had the delightful opportunity of meeting Sansa. My husband and I had planned to meet a different cat we found on PetFinder, but we were immediately captivated by an empty-looking cage with a handwritten sign explaining the cat’s anxiety and heartbreak from being abandoned by their previous family. The note compelled me to want to adopt the cat. When I expressed my interest to the volunteer, she revealed Sansa (who was then called Snow) hiding under the cat bed. I was pleasantly surprised to see that she was all white with unique colored eyes and extra toes!

Could you give me some information on the age of Sansa? When did she become a part of your household and what is her current age? Our lovable companion, Sansa, became a member of our family when she was one and a half years old. Presently, she is five years of age. Even though we are unaware of her exact date of birth, we celebrate it on December 1st, which is an estimated day of her birth.

Can you tell me about her personality?
She’s the perfect combination of sweetness, charm, and vivacity! Her intelligence shines through in every action she takes, and she’s incredibly affectionate and playful. She’s even been known to cause a bit of mischief, like waking us up each morning by knocking things off our nightstand until we’re up and about. But don’t let that fool you – she’s also calm and gentle with a heart of gold. Despite this, loud noises like fireworks and thunder freak her out, causing her to retreat to the corners to hide. Anxiety is definitely something she struggles with, but it’s just one tiny aspect of her overall wonderful character.

What impact does her Feline Hyperesthesia, commonly referred to as Twitchy Cat Disease, have on her daily routine? Previously, her hyperesthesia caused severe episodes of “back rolling,” resulting in uncontrollable tail attacks occurring multiple times a day. These episodes could last over five minutes each time, significantly impacting her daily life. However, after using hemp oil, the frequency and severity of these episodes have significantly decreased. She now only experiences them around 1-2 times a week, with each episode lasting for approximately 30 seconds. When such an episode occurs, we distract her with toys to avoid tail attacks, but the back rolling cannot be stopped. Despite this, her episodes are now mild and do not significantly impact her daily routine.

Do you know how many toes Miss Sansa has in total? Well, she has a total of twenty-one toes! Her front paws have six toes each, while her left hind paw has five toes and her right hind paw has the usual four toes. What’s fascinating about Miss Sansa is that she had a difficult start to life, causing her to be incredibly fearful when she arrived at the shelter. It seemed improbable that she would ever become the affectionate lap cat she is today. However, with time, she has learned to conquer her fears, and now she showers her love on everyone. It’s crucial to keep in mind that all cats, including the shy and anxious ones, deserve a chance to love and be loved. Sansa’s story is a testimony that with patience and tender loving care, “less adoptable” and special needs cats can provide endless amounts of love. Hopefully, her tale will inspire more people to adopt these beautiful felines.

I would like to extend my thanks to Karen for allowing me to share the story and photos of Sansa with all of you. It is my sincere hope that this account will inspire others to consider adopting cats that are often overlooked due to their perceived adoptability issues. These furry friends have so much love to give and can provide you with a bond that will warm your heart. Don’t forget to check out Sansa’s daily cuteness on Instagram.
All the pictures featured in this article were sourced from Sansa the Polydactyl Cat’s Instagram page.
If you’re as fascinated by polydactyl cats as I am, then head on over to my Cattitude Daily YouTube channel where I’ve shared some captivating facts about them in a video. Enjoy watching!

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