The inspiring story of a tenacious mother dog who fought until her very last breath to care for her beloved puppies.

There’s a video that’s been circulating on Facebook showing a heartbreaking scene of a mother dog trying to defend her pups from being beaten with an iron bar by a cruel human. This awful act left the poor mama dog paralyzed from the waist down, and it’s been causing outrage among animal lovers everywhere.

As per The Benguin, a group of rescuers promptly rushed to assist the female dog when they found out about her condition. They also discovered that she had given birth to three puppies who were lying beside her as she was motionless outside. The poor dog had been severely beaten by a man with an iron bar after she had chased his child away from her babies. The mother dog’s protective instincts kicked in, but the child was not hurt in any way. The rescuers arrived four hours later to pick up the injured dog and her puppies.

This innocent pooch was in no way a danger to anyone who walked by, but the individual responsible for her injuries poses a risk not only to animals but also to humans! The poor thing was left on the street without help for several hours until rescuers were alerted and came to her aid. Despite being in distress and having three little pups with her, she didn’t display any aggressive behavior when she was rescued last night.

After giving birth to her puppies, the little dog was given the name Amal. However, the following day, she underwent x-rays and it was discovered that there was an issue with her L2-L3 vertebrae. To help her regain mobility, the vet started treating her with spinal injections and is hopeful that it will be effective. If this treatment fails, then surgery may be needed. Amal’s journey to recovery will be long and difficult, but veterinarians are confident that she will pull through as long as she remains strong for her puppies. Unfortunately, the puppies had to be separated from Amal.

Amal is currently undergoing treatment with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication to ensure that her milk is safe for her puppies. Additionally, she has been prescribed Tarosin for ten days as she had blood in her urine. In the meantime, her puppies are being fed Royal Canin Starter until she is able to nurse them again.

Happy and content with life, Amal doesn’t let her inability to walk bring her down. In fact, she has come a long way since her previous state, which is a significant improvement. Amal’s lively spirit continues to shine through, and she relishes being in the spotlight. These positive developments give veterinarians optimism for her future.

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