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Giant Great Dane Has Raised Hundreds of Tiny Puppies and Kittens | The Dodo

Shelby, the giant Great Dane, has taken on an important role at Dogwood Animal Rescue Project in Sonoma County, California. She serves as a surrogate mom to all the orphaned puppies and kittens that arrive at the shelter, raising them with love and care until they’re ready for their forever homes.

The sight of Shelby towering over her tiny charges is undeniably adorable, but there’s more to her job than just being cute. She plays a crucial role in teaching these little ones the manners and social skills they’ll need to thrive in their new families.

Watching Shelby interact with the puppies and kittens is heartwarming. She’s gentle but firm, correcting them when they misbehave and encouraging them when they get things right. Whether it’s licking their faces or snuggling up for a nap, she provides the warmth and comfort they need to grow up happy and healthy.

The work that Shelby does is truly remarkable, and it’s a testament to the amazing bonds that can form between animals of different species. At Dogwood Animal Rescue Project, she’s not just a dog – she’s a hero.

If you want to support Dogwood Animal Rescue Project and help them save more animals like Shelby’s friends, you can donate to them on their website. And if you want to see more of Shelby and her furry family, be sure to follow them on Instagram.
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