“The Heartbreaking Tale of a Canine Left to Perish on the Train Tracks”

The Philly Rescue Angels is a non-profit group that is committed to rescuing and caring for abandoned canines. However, one particular case they dealt with recently grabbed a lot of attention due to its disturbing nature. The situation unfolded when the organization’s staff found a severely injured puppy abandoned on a railroad in Pennsylvania late at night. The pup, who went by the name Lucky, was immobile, and his hind leg was paralyzed. Initially, they thought he had been hit by a train, but they soon discovered that his former owners had intentionally caused the injuries. It seemed that they left him near the tracks to conceal their abusive actions and utilized the train to camouflage their cruelty.

It’s worth noting that a leash and collar were found at the location, but they weren’t securely attached. This detail only increases the suspicion that the dog may have been intentionally injured.

As soon as the vets discovered that Lucky had a complicated spinal cord injury, they immediately rushed him to the clinic for the best possible care. Although they plan on performing surgery on him to reduce his pain, they will not be able to reconstruct his spine due to the severity of the damage.

There is no certainty about the little pup’s survival because of infected scrapes, damaged teeth, and possible spinal injuries that could lead to fatal consequences. The cost of treating and helping Lucky recover can range from $15,000 to $35,000, but the team is hopeful that they can reach their donation goals to cover the expenses and give the dog a chance to overcome these challenges. The rescue crew has shown immense dedication to saving the puppy’s life, and they have promised to keep up the fight for his health. Son stated, “He fought hard, and we will fight for him.”

Lucky, the abandoned dog found on SEPTA train tracks, is making progress at  Penn's Ryan Veterinary Hospital | PhillyVoice

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