“Taylor Swift’s Feline Fortune: A Sneak Peek into the World’s Richest Pets List”

Taylor Swift's Cat Is 3rd Richest Pet In The World

Taylor Swift’s feline companion has made it to the list of the wealthiest pets globally, with an estimated worth of £81 million.

Taylor Swift's cat Olivia Benson is 3rd richest pet in world, worth ₹800 cr  - Hindustan Times

The adorable Scottish Fold cat named Olivia Benson has gained an enormous following on social media and even appeared in Taylor Swift’s popular music video for “Blank Space.”

Taylor Swift’s cat worth staggering £81m as the world’s richest pets are revealed

According to reports, the value of Taylor Swift’s cat is estimated at a whopping £81 million.

Taylor Swift's cat is worth $97M, among world's richest pets: report

In April 2020, Taylor, a 33-year-old who played a role in the movie adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical Cats, shared a photo on Instagram featuring a pampered kitten. The post gained over two million likes. The adorable feline was adopted by Taylor and given a name inspired by a character from Law & Order.

Taylor Swift's Cat Is 3rd Richest Pet In The World

Taylor is the owner of two additional feline friends, one being a Scottish Fold named Meredith Grey and the other a Ragdoll named Benjamin Button. All About Cats made a list of the richest pets in the world, and Olivia ranked third on the list. The top spot was taken by Gunther VI, a German Shepherd.

Richest pets: Taylor Swift's cat Olivia Benson among 10 richest animals in  the world - how much they are worth?

Rumor has it that Gunther Corporation, an Italian media firm, is the proud owner of an individual who is valued at a whopping £420 million.

Taylor Swift's Cat Is Worth 802 Crore ($97 Million) Being The 3rd Wealthiest  Pet In The World, Top 2's Worth Will Burn Your Human Brain!

Taylor Swift's Cat Is Among the Richest Pet in the World - TopFashionDeals

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