Pawsome Hikers Save Furry Friend, Trek 3 Miles To Safety

A group of hikers decided to venture off the traditional path and explore Mt. Glorious National Park in Australia. Their trek turned out to be more than just a scenic walk when they ended up rescuing a dog in distress. While enjoying the stunning sights, they heard a commotion coming from a nearby creek. They initially thought it was a typical Australian animal, like a kangaroo or platypus, splashing around. However, upon closer inspection, they discovered a dog frantically trying to escape the water and mud. The hikers quickly jumped into action to save the dog’s life, and after a successful rescue, they had to endure a challenging three-mile hike back to civilization.

After failing to make contact with the owner, a group of hikers resorted to using a makeshift catch pole made from a rope and stick to rescue a dog that had fallen into the creek. Despite being tired, the poor pooch was so frightened that she attempted to flee the scene. However, the quick-thinking team managed to coax her back to safety for fear of her getting lost or falling back into harm’s way.

After spending some time beside the woman trekker, Miss Piggy – a chubby canine – finally received a friendly pat from her. In appreciation, the adorable pooch licked the woman’s hand.

When the moment arrived to retrieve Miss Piggy from the bushes, a clever solution was needed. The hikers ingeniously crafted a rope harness to assist her in walking, but she was too drained and scared to move on her own. With treacherous terrain making it too perilous to carry her, one of the hikers had an idea. They returned to their vehicle and retrieved a large canvas bag, which they transformed into a stretcher using towels, ropes, and a branch.

Two men were seen carrying a massive dog weighing over 85 pounds while a woman hiker led the way, making sure the path was clear of any obstacles. Although it took them triple the time they expected, they eventually arrived at their destination and safely returned Miss Piggy to her home.

After their hiking adventure, the three friends stumbled upon a lost pig which they later posted on the internet and successfully found its owner. The pig, who they named Miss Piggy, was actually called Elly-Bob and had wandered 10 miles away from home after escaping from her backyard. It was discovered that she had been missing for more than three weeks and it remains unknown how she managed to survive in the woods or maintain her weight during that time. Despite the mystery surrounding her disappearance, Elly-Bob’s owner was overjoyed to have her back and the pig was undoubtedly thrilled to be reunited with her loved ones.

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