“Miracle in the Snow: The Incredible Survival Story of a Patient Pup Trapped for Two Weeks”

After a difficult existence in a puppy mill, the Saint Bernard known as “Old Lady” was thankfully rescued by Rough Start Rescue. She was placed in a foster home and it seemed as though her luck had finally changed. However, things took a turn for the worse when she went missing in the wintry forest and her life was put at risk.

The Old Lady was extremely nervous and anxious from her past traumatic experiences. As soon as she stepped out of her foster parent’s car, something startled her and she ran off in fright. Unfortunately, she disappeared into the woods, leaving little hope for her survival in the harsh cold weather. To make matters worse, she had recently received a shave, leaving her without proper fur to protect her from the biting wind and snow.

Despite the vigorous search operations, Old Lady remained elusive and couldn’t be caught for days. The helpless canine was so terrified that she kept herself hidden and avoided any attempts at rescue. Even with a full fur coat, it seemed impossible for her to survive even a few days, let alone over two weeks, all alone in the wilderness. The chances of finding Old Lady alive were diminishing by the day.

Old Lady proved to be a resilient pooch, defying expectations and refusing to succumb to the harsh winter elements all on her own. It’s possible that she had an instinctual understanding that she deserved a second chance at life in a cozy home. Despite the challenges she faced, she managed to hold on for 17 days until the Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office received a report about a dog stranded and tied up in the woods.

Ruff Start Rescue recently shared with their Facebook fans a story about Old Lady, who had a mishap while on a walk. Her leash got tangled in some trees, causing her to become frightened and unable to move. The rescue team had to approach her with caution, but thankfully they were able to disentangle her from the tree and bring her back safely.

Old Lady, a rescued dog, had to recover from her traumatic experience at Ruff Start Rescue before returning to her new foster mother. Just days after her recovery, the rescue organization happily announced Old Lady’s homecoming on their Facebook page. The group added that they were taking extra precautions by outfitting her with two leashes, a slip lead, harness, and martingale collar, and having two handlers present. Ruff Start Rescue expressed gratitude to The Retrievers and everyone else who helped spread the word about Old Lady’s situation, acknowledging that their efforts had made her return possible.

Finally, the Old Lady can bid goodbye to the difficult days of her life and embrace the comfort of her new home. As she settles down, a sense of security and peace washes over her. She can now look forward to a life filled with love and care.

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