“Meet the Flame-Faced Tanager: A Stunning Bird with Orange and Yellow Blaze on its Face, Wrapped in a Buff-Colored Suit and Gorgeous Emerald Streaks!”

The Flame-faced Tanager is here: Dressed in a Buff Suit with Glittering Emerald Green Streaks, Perfectly Contrasting with a Face Full of Fiery Oranges and Yellows!

A cute bird with a vibrant red face looked absolutely gorgeous perched on its emerald green attire. None other than the stunning Flame-faced Tanager has arrived!

The flame-faced tanager (Tangara parzudakii) is part of the Thraupidae bird family. It has a distinct appearance with its bright yellow cheeks and orange forehead. Its neck and ear patch are black while its rump is a combination of yellow and green-buff. The upperparts are black with a greenish-yellow shoulder patch. As for its breast and belly, they gradually change color from green to rufous as they reach the bottom.

Even though the females of this species may not have as strikingly colorful heads as the males, they share a similar physical appearance.
These birds are native to certain regions of Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Peru that are situated along the Andes mountain range.

You can catch a glimpse of these feathered creatures in open spaces, on the fringes of wooded areas, or at heights ranging from 1,200 to 2,500 meters.

The Flame-faced Tanagers have a diverse diet consisting of fruits and insects, which is similar to other species. Their foraging technique involves searching for insects on moss-covered branches. They prefer to build their nests in open areas like meadows or woodland borders, but their mating practices are not well understood. Parent birds are known to inspect nesting materials near their chicks to protect them from fleas and other parasites.

A petite avian with a fiery visage was a striking contrast against the lush emerald garb.

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