“Mama Dog’s Devotion: Heartrending Scene as She Tries to Revive Her Departed Pup Through Digging”

Prepare to be emotionally moved by this heart-wrenching tale of a mother’s grief over the loss of her son. Her words are sure to leave you feeling devastated.

In this heart-wrenching video, a mother dog can be seen desperately trying to revive her lifeless puppy by digging it out of the ground. The incident took place in Zamboanga, Philippines where Kookie, a 3-year-old Labrador mix, lost one of her pups shortly after giving birth. Kookie woke up her owner, Kaye de Luna, and her family by barking loudly to alert them of the dead pup. The family buried the puppy in their garden, but when they took Kookie for a walk a few hours later, she made a beeline for the grave, still trying to wake up her precious little one.

The footage depicted in the video is truly saddening as the mother dog dug frantically to get to her lifeless pup. Once she had managed to reach him, she attempted to revive him with tears streaming down her face. It’s a gut-wrenching sight to witness.

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