Loyal Pup Endured Enormous Salivary Tumor for 6 Years Due to Negligent Owners’ Refusal to Seek Veterinary Care

A dog named Jake is finally getting the medical attention he deserves after his previous owners neglected his large salivary tumor for six years. Despite being loved by his former family, they failed to seek treatment when his face started to swell. The Long Way Home rescue group reports on Jake’s situation.

The dog named Jake has been suffering from a tumor in his salivary gland for a span of six years, as per his owners. They assumed that the tumor was caused by a snake bite. Jake is an indoor dog who has been well-trained and exhibits excellent behavior. He is housebroken, sociable with other dogs, and can even perform tricks like shaking hands. This information was shared by the organization.

Last week, Jake was found wandering in a remote location of Texas, and Cribs for Canines has been working diligently to convince his family to surrender him to receive the necessary veterinary care. Thankfully, Jake is currently receiving treatment in Waco, and he has already experienced significant relief after having a large amount of fluid drained from his neck. The organization expresses its gratitude to the amazing staff at Texas Animal Medical Center in Waco, led by Dr. Lide and his team, who have been caring for Jake and removing 1200cc of salivary fluid from his neck. Check out the last two pictures to see the remarkable transformation!

Jake, after six long years, was finally able to turn his head – a simple feat that brought immense joy to those who have been taking care of him. The agency reported that Jake has been eating and defecating normally, and is overall in good health. While there are no guarantees of a full recovery, the team caring for him is dedicated to providing him with the best possible chance. If you would like to keep up with Jake’s progress, feel free to follow his rescuers on Facebook by clicking on the link provided.

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