Lonely Man Sitting on Supermarket Steps Ignored by the Crowds

On Easter day, a helpless puppy was left all alone on the doorstep of a supermarket. Despite people walking by, none of them bothered to help the poor creature who was without any support or its mother. However, Fahrudin Caki Bravo came across the abandoned pup and it immediately ran towards him seeking assistance. Without any second thoughts, Fahrudin helped the puppy and named her Aurora.

After bringing Aurora to his place, he provided her with nourishment and hydration as he was quite famished himself. The following day, he took her to the veterinarian for medical care after giving her a bath.

The dog was given treatment for internal and external parasites, including deworming and Advocade. Additionally, she received antibiotic injections for ten days, daily application of body cream, and immunity-boosting vitamins. The dog was also given a bath to remove any remaining lice eggs. Although the dog is on the road to recovery, it will take some time for her to fully recuperate.

Aurora has a cheerful and playful personality. It’s great to hear that her health is getting better! She’s a lovely and kind creature. Currently, she’s still undergoing treatment under the care of veterinary experts.

Aurora is making a good recovery after two weeks. She’s finished her antibiotics and continues to use skin body cream and immunity pills. With regular baths and nutritious food, her skin has started to stretch and shed less shells. She’s an energetic and playful little girl who has made a miraculous recovery.

The first vaccine for this lively and playful little baby has been successfully administered at almost three months of age. She weighs a healthy 4.7 kg and her skin treatment is going well. We are grateful to all those who have helped give this precious baby a second chance at life.

After almost eight weeks, Aurora has made a full recovery and is now in high spirits. She weighs 10 kilograms and the best part is that she has finally found her permanent home! Have an enjoyable vacation, my darling Aurora, and cherish the company of your new family.

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