Lonely Mama Pup Bravely Awaits Her Human’s Return on the Roadside

A mother dog and her two puppies were found abandoned on the side of a road in Mladenovac, Serbia. The Dog Rescue Shelter received a call about their situation and quickly arrived to help. The mama dog had been waiting on the roadside for her owners to return, but sadly they never did. She was broken-hearted and in need of care.

The kind people attempted to provide food for the dogs, but the mother was fiercely guarding her young and wouldn’t allow anyone to approach them. When the rescuers arrived, she was hiding in the grass by the side of the road with her puppies, doing her best to keep them safe while hoping that her owners would return for her.

Regrettably, it was something that would never come to pass.

Fortunately, she knew that the rescuers had arrived to aid her, and thus remained affable and willing to consume any food they offered her. After placing the mother dog and her two young pups into their vehicle, they went back to the field one last time to ensure that no other puppies were left behind.

The folks were taken aback when they stumbled upon another newborn puppy, nestled in the grass close to its mother. The puppies were still too young to see the light of day, having been born just a few days ago. However, fortunately, the group managed to save them, and they were whisked away to safety with their rescue team.

Moli, the mom of the pups, has been a fantastic caretaker to her litter. She is overjoyed and content to be in good care and have a cozy bed to sleep in instead of being abandoned on the streets. The shelter will look after the little family until they are ready for new homes.

The Dog Rescue Shelter is a charitable rescue group that operates in Serbia and is considered one of the biggest no-kill shelters in the region.

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