How a Mama Dog’s Love for Her Pups Keeps Her Fighting Through a Painful Abcess on Her Neck

A street dog, who was ill and had a massive bulge in her neck due to an infection, was doing her best to care for her little ones.

Animal Aid Unlimited, India came to assist her and found out that the swelling was actually a huge pus-filled abscess under her skin near her neck.

The poor pup was emaciated and exhausted, struggling to fight off a severe infection while caring for her litter of young puppies. With compassion in our hearts, we carefully brought her back to our medical facility where she looked at us with a sense of hope and trust. Our team worked diligently to alleviate her discomfort by draining the pus from her wounds.

In a matter of a few hours after the treatment, she was already enjoying her meals and making good progress towards recuperation.

Introducing Molly, a spayed and vaccinated mother who is currently busy raising her adorable little ones. Let’s get to know her better!

Witness the incredible transformation of Molly as she bounces back to full health and resumes her motherly duties in caring for her adorable pups. Catch the inspiring video showcasing her astounding recovery below.

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