“Help a Four-Legged Friend: Abandoned Dog in Texas with Broken Limb Seeks Assistance”

Arthur, a Great Pyrenees mix, was left all alone by his family when he was just six months old. He was found outside the Humane Society of North Texas next to a tree in an awful state. He was severely dehydrated, infested with fleas, and writhing in agony due to a broken leg. Nonetheless, Arthur’s spirits remained high as he continued to wag his tail, despite his unbearable discomfort.

As soon as Arthur arrived at the shelter, Dr. Misty Mendes, who is in charge of shelter medicine, examined him and concluded that he was probably hit by a car and left there. The poor thing was given fluids and pain medication to ease his discomfort. Unfortunately, Arthur has a broken femur on his left hind leg, which prevents him from standing up. To save his leg, he will need surgery right away, but the operation is costly.

Arthur is a furry friend who deserves to frolic and have fun like any other pup. However, he recently underwent surgery, and his journey to full recovery will require him to spend several months in a medical foster home before he can be adopted. Nevertheless, with some rehabilitation, Arthur will soon be ready for his forever home.

The shelter is optimistic that the pup will easily find a new nurturing family after he has recuperated. They strongly believe that once he’s undergone treatment and rehabilitation, he’ll be adopted without delay. This particular dog breed is widely recognized for their tender disposition, fondness, and remarkable devotion to their human companions. He has already brought immense delight to everyone he has encountered so far, and he truly deserves a kind-hearted family who can reciprocate the love and care he has been displaying towards others.

Abandoned dog gets surgery on leg thanks to grant, shelter says | wfaa.com

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