Heartless Owner Disposes of Dying Canine in Trash, Sparking Outrage and Grief.

A skinny Boxer was abandoned inside a garbage bag near a shelter. The rescuers were uncertain if she was alive when they discovered her.

However, that’s not the end of the story. The canine they named Hope was accompanied by another dog – a male boxer who was tied to a pole next to her. Both animals were in an awful condition and the staff at Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption in Mission, Kansas, couldn’t help but feel emotional just by looking at them. Hope was lying in a garbage bag, barely able to move, while Triumph, the second boxer, had trouble standing.

According to a post by Unleashed Pet Rescue, two boxers were discovered on their property either overnight or early in the morning. Hope was found in a trash bag and is in a severely weakened state, unable to move and currently receiving antibiotics and pain medication. Triumph is tied to a pole and has lost the use of his back legs.

The canines were immediately taken to the veterinary clinic for examination and treatment by the staff. Hope was in a critical situation as she was suffering from an infected uterus, an elbow infection, and ultrasounds revealed masses on both adrenal glands and her brain. The masses are possibly cancerous, but the rescuers are waiting for test results to determine the extent of her illness.

Danielle Reno, the founder of the organization, expressed her optimistic outlook towards the canines’ medical conditions. She hopes that the cancer has not progressed and that the dog in question can spend its remaining time in a comfortable home, being pampered. After several days of medical treatment, some positive updates on the dogs’ health were shared by the rescue team. Hope, one of the dogs, gained seven pounds and was able to walk again. Although she is still on antibiotics for her infected elbow and pyometra, her overall mood has significantly improved.

Overall, she is proving to everyone that she is a fighter! RenŠ¾ commented that she is constantly improving and has a determined attitude. Triumph is also making progress as a video was shared of him walking.

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