Heartbreaking Scene: Pregnant Stray Dog Lying Helpless in Ditch

A homeless mother dog, who is expecting puppies, was found lying lifeless in a cramped ditch.

The GoGo Rescue channel received a distress call regarding a lonely dog that had collapsed on the road. Upon their arrival, the situation was dire.

She has a swollen stomach, which they first thought was a large tumor.

They rushed her to the vet where an ultrasound revealed that she was carrying two little ones in her belly. She was clearly in distress and fighting hard to survive for the sake of her precious pups.

The pooch needed immediate surgery and while the operation went smoothly, only a lone pup was saved. The Mama dog is presently receiving medical attention, as she’s still quite feeble, while the rescued puppy is being tended to with milk supplements.

May Mama dog and her puppy be blessed by the grace of God. We are immensely grateful for rescuing these innocent beings.

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