“From Tragedy to Triumph: Dog Burned by Child Receives Freedom from Bandages!”

In April, a child in Mississippi discovered Buddy ablaze and he had to endure the pain of his burn injuries while being wrapped in bandages. Thankfully, Buddy has now been freed from his bandages and is recuperating at the Mississippi State Veterinary Hospital.

Buddy the Dog Recovering After Being Intentionally Set on Fire

Buddy, who had been blindfolded for months, is now able to explore the veterinary hospital’s halls and play with toys thanks to the removal of his bandages. According to the Tunica Humane Society, Buddy’s character has shifted significantly since he can now see again.

The Humane Society recently updated Buddy’s condition on their Facebook page, stating that his life at Mississippi State has drastically changed since his arrival. He no longer wears heavy bandages over his eyes and can see clearly, which has had a significant impact on his overall demeanor. Buddy now exudes happiness and playfulness, often strolling around the hospital halls with a large ball in his mouth – his favorite toy. Although he will require additional surgeries to repair his eyelids in the future, the vets are currently allowing him to enjoy his newfound ability to be a dog and frequently take him outside for playtime. In fact, Buddy’s progress has been so impressive that he was recently approved for neuter surgery, which went smoothly. Now, as Buddy continues to recover at Mississippi State, he will begin treatment for heartworms as he continues to thrive.

Aside from receiving support from veterinary and humane society teams, Buddy has gained a significant online following. His latest recovery update has garnered over 26,000 likes on Facebook and almost 5,300 comments expressing their wishes for his well-being. To show support for Buddy, the Humane Society has also created t-shirts featuring his adorable face.

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After going through a lot, the adorable pup deserves nothing but the best. Despite all the hardships he has faced, Buddy remains a loving and affectionate dog.

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The Tunica Humane Society expresses gratitude for the immense kindness and backing that Buddy has received during his path to healing. Although it may take a while before he can be adopted, there are numerous individuals who have already displayed interest in adopting this affectionate dog.

The humane society expressed gratitude towards the numerous individuals who have been praying for Buddy, and acknowledged that their prayers have been answered regularly. They also wished for God’s blessings upon the dog.

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