“From Thorns to Joy: The Emotional Journey of a Rescued Dog with a Mouthful of Thorns”

The owner of Thor was shocked to discover the poor dog impaled with hundreds of quills in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The golden-brown dog was covered in yellow quills on its snout, forehead, nose, ears, pose, and legs, as seen in the photos.

Adriano Bertolino, an unemployed man, initiated an initiative to offer interpretation services in exchange for payment which he needed to settle a veterinary bill. Dr. Jose Roberto Apolari, a councilman in the area, came to his aid by transporting Thor to a clinic and assisting with the associated costs.

According to reports, Thor, a three-year-old, engaged in a battle with a porcupine for the second time in a year, resulting in severe wounds. Bertoline has issued an urgent plea after finding Thor impaled with porcupine quills, seeking assistance in his healing process.

This morning, I woke up to find my dog in a concerning condition and tweeted about it. I asked if there was a clinic or veterinarian nearby who could help, but I was worried about the cost. Fortunately, Dr. Jose Roberto Apolari, a councilman, noticed my request for assistance and offered to help me out.

On Facebook, Adriaho expressed his gratitude towards Dr. Apolari for being an angel in his dog’s life, especially when he couldn’t afford a private veterinarian. However, now that he is not working and has four children at home, it has become even more challenging for him. Adriánо shared that the council helped him by taking his dog, Thor, to the clinic, assisting with expenses, and then returning him home.

According to Thor, his dog has encountered a porcupine for the second time in a year. The condition of the porcupine after being attacked by the dog was not immediately known.

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