“From Abandoned to Adored: A Heartwarming Tale of a Pregnant Dog’s Miracle at the Shelter, Giving Birth to 14 Precious Pups”

On the night before Christmas in 2022, a woman named Natá was abandoned outside of IAPA while she was almost 8 weeks pregnant and close to delivering.

Upon discovering her, the Instituto amor em Patas (IaPa) found her in a very weakened state, unable to stand and extremely fearful. It took some time for them to calm her down. Her owner had abandoned her due to her fear of approaching puppies. At first, when the shelter volunteers approached her, she was very guarded and used all her energy to keep them away as she attempted to protect her puppies. However, after some time, she relaxed her guard and became more sociable.

“Take a look at her belly, it seems like there might be 13 or 14 puppies inside. We’re trying to schedule her ultrasound for tomorrow because she’s feeling quite weak,” said a volunteer.
“Tonight is going to be a long night for Natjuli and for all of us. We need to prepare for her ultrasound to make sure everything is okay.”
Natjuli is allowed to return to the shelter with the necessary support for delivering the puppies, and she successfully gives birth to her first very bright young boy.
“Can you believe there are 14 puppies? Natjuli has given birth to 14 adorable babies!”

Natjuli and her litter of 14 puppies recently visited the veterinarian for a quick health check, ultrasound, and blood tests. The proud mama dog looked a bit flustered during the visit. However, her puppies appeared healthy, well-fed, and quite hefty. The sight of Natjuli’s beaming face and adorable puppies was so heartwarming that it almost brought tears to the eyes of the onlookers, who couldn’t resist the urge to shower them with kisses and affection.

“I completely forgot to name these 14 adorable creatures, which should be a challenging task given how beautiful they are. Naming them is something everyone enjoys, so if you have a name suggestion that you love, feel free to share it in the comments!”

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