“Finding the Lost Mother Cocker Spaniel After Her Puppies Turned Out to be Hybrids”

Yavruları Melez Olunca Atılan Anne Cocker Bulduk

When it comes to adopting pets, many individuals prefer to take in purebred animals. However, there are also those who opt to adopt mixed-breed dogs, or mutts, as they are affectionately called. In fact, mixed-breed dogs are often just as adorable and loving as their purebred counterparts.

Sadly, not everyone shares this sentiment. Some people are quick to abandon their pets just because they are not purebred. This was the case with a cocker spaniel that we recently found at Sevpati Animal Shelter. The poor dog had been abandoned by her previous owners simply because she had given birth to mixed-breed puppies.

We named the mother dog Bulduk, and we were heartbroken when we discovered her alone and wandering the streets. Despite being abandoned, Bulduk was gentle and friendly, and we knew we had to rescue her. We brought her to our shelter, where she became part of our family.

It wasn’t long before Bulduk’s playful and loving nature won over our hearts. She quickly became a favorite among our staff and volunteers. We were delighted to see her bond with the other dogs at the shelter and become an integral part of our little community.

While we were thrilled to have Bulduk with us, we were still concerned about what would happen to her mixed-breed puppies. We knew that finding homes for mixed-breed dogs can be challenging, and we didn’t want them to suffer the same fate as their mother.
Thankfully, we were able to find loving homes for all of Bulduk’s puppies. They went to families who were thrilled to have them and didn’t care about their mixed breed heritage. We couldn’t have been happier for them.
Bulduk, meanwhile, continues to thrive at our shelter. She spends her days playing with the other dogs, snuggling with our volunteers, and enjoying the love and care she deserves. We are grateful to have been able to rescue her and give her a second chance at life.
If you want to help us continue to provide care for dogs like Bulduk, please consider becoming a member of our community. By joining Sevpati Animal Shelter, you can help ensure that we have the resources we need to rescue and care for animals in need. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of animals and help create a world where all pets are loved and cared for.
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