Fierce Fido Fends Off Feline: The Story of a Brave Dog Who Risked It All to Save His Human

When a mountain lion was spotted by his owner at the back door of her house, a rescue dog chose to stay and protect his family instead of running away. The owner, a fashion designer and civil engineer, was surprised by Rocky’s response as he was known to be a friendly and non-aggressive dog.

Mary recounted to The Epoch Times how she spotted a mountain lion staring at her when she opened her sliding door. The big cat was apparently poised to go after her dogs. Mary is a dog rescuer herself, and one of her rescued dogs named Rocky showed his courage by taking on the mountain lion. Rocky’s lively personality was what drew Mary to him in the first place, and he repaid her kindness by bravely facing off with the wild predator.

According to her, he acted purely on instinct when he tried to protect her. She found it surprising how he attempted to rescue her. However, the incident was quite scary as he ended up attacking the cougar.

After a brief moment, the cougar and Rocky were no longer visible. Mary and her family immediately became worried about their beloved dog’s safety and decided to venture into the dark night to search for him. They called out Rocky’s name repeatedly, hoping to hear his bark in response. However, their search was met with eerie silence, only interrupted by the sound of barking in the distance. Suddenly, the barking ceased, and they all knew something was amiss. With flashlights in hand, they began to climb up the hill, hoping to find their furry friend. After thirty minutes of searching, they finally heard the sound of tiny paws approaching them.

Mary recounted feeling frightened when they heard fast-paced footsteps approaching them, but their fear dissipated upon realizing it was Rocky running towards them. The loyal dog collapsed upon reaching them, and they quickly took him to the doctor the next day. Rocky had sustained severe injuries from a mountain lion attack, including bite wounds on his head and throat. Lila Seidman wrote about how Rocky, a 7-year-old shepherd mix, bravely charged at the mountain lion to protect his family’s property, resulting in his recovery from the attack.

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