Courageous Rescuers Discover Injured and Frightened Pup Concealed in a Bag, Avoiding Human Interaction

All the timid pooch wanted was some solitude!

Animal Aid received an alert about a pup that was feeling unwell and had sustained injuries. The pup was scared of humans, making the situation a bit challenging. Nevertheless, the team sprang into action, rushing to the scene to rescue the poor animal. However, upon reaching the spot, the puppy hid under a bag due to fear.

The distressed canine was in agony and panic, unwilling to place any faith in humans and only able to take refuge in a bag! The rescue team resorted to using crackers to tempt the dog, and it proved to be successful!

Jumper was taken to their facility where he would be given the necessary treatment and care.

Thankfully, his current state of being is positive!

To obtain further details, take a look at the video provided beneath.

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