“Courageous Kids Use Natural Tools to Rescue Dog from Constricting Snake”

In this footage, three brave youngsters confront a large serpent that has wrapped itself around their pet dog’s hind legs and lower body. The eldest boy can be seen using a metal table leg to hold down the snake’s head on the ground, while the two younger boys try to make the reptile let go of the dog by hurling enormous leaves at it.

Boys fight off HUGE snake as it attempts to EAT their pet dog | World |  News | Express.co.uk

The pooch doesn’t appear to be extremely frightened, but rather confused as its owners engage in a fight with the reptile.

As the group of boys encounters a snake, the eldest among them takes charge and uses a pole to pin the serpent’s head down. His companions assist in untangling the coiled creature, which proves to be a challenging task. After succeeding in freeing the trapped dog, they work together to hold the snake from both ends and pull in opposite directions until it loosens its grip.

The furry creature appeared unscathed from the occurrence.

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