“Courageous Dog Seeks Help After Being Blinded in Attack”

While providing food to stray animals in a nearby village, two volunteers of the Diasozo Animal Rescue (DAR) organization came across something lying on the grass, catching their attention.

As they drew closer, they spotted a dog in an obvious state of distress. The injuries inflicted on the unfortunate animal were ghastly. She could hardly budge, and upon being lifted by one of the rescuers, it was revealed that one of her eyes had been deliberately removed. Who could possibly commit such a heinous act? No sane individual would even contemplate doing such a thing! Those who possess empathy are naturally drawn to animals and would never harm them.

The dog, who was barely conscious, was put into the truck by the rescuer. She mentioned in the video that she noticed the dog’s eye deteriorating. It’s hard to believe that someone could have treated the dog that way and left her in such a state. It’s simply unimaginable.

The canine’s eye was drooping and the surrounding tissue was decaying, indicating that it was beyond repair. The veterinarian noticed a past jaw fracture and a tightly bound rope tied around the dog’s torso, leading them to conclude that the injury was not accidental. Clearly, someone purposely harmed this innocent animal.

The subsequent action required for her was to undergo surgery on her eye, however due to her weakened state, she was unfit to endure the procedure. The vet administered a generous dose of painkillers to ensure that she could finally rest. Her main focus now was to rest as much as possible in order to restore her energy.

The young pup was too weak to eat or drink by herself, but the veterinary team eagerly lent a hand. After a few days, she had gained some strength and was ready for surgery. The vet performed the necessary operation to remove her eye and clean the area around it. With time, her eye socket would heal, and she would be on the road to recovery.

This brave little lady slept for several days after the procedure, but then something miraculous happened. She stood up! What a fighter! She thanked all those who had helped her along the way. Now, she was ready to go to a rehabilitation center and, eventually, a foster home.

Isn’t this canine cutie just adorable?

The cute little kid received medical help at the clinic and experienced a remarkable recovery, thanks to the love and care she received. As a result, it was decided that she could be put up for adoption. The little angel was soon adopted by a loving family who had heard about her bravery and wanted to take her home with them. They affectionately named her “Honey.”

Honey has been given a fresh start and a new identity, and she is thriving. We want to extend our appreciation to DAR for their incredible efforts in saving Honey’s life. Honey owes her survival to you! Her story is recounted in the accompanying video, which portrays Honey at her worst. Yet, there is a joyful conclusion nonetheless.

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