Bewitching Creations from Chad Knight that Deceive with their Lifelike Qualities

Chad Knight, a 41-year-old artist, is known for creating mind-bending 3D drawings that captivate people all over the internet. He believes that he was born a visual artist and that it’s more of who he is as a person than what he does. Chad’s overactive and noisy mind led him to create digital art, which serves as a creative outlet for him. Before, he used to skateboard professionally for 16 years, which also served as his way of expressing himself. However, since he can’t do it often anymore and is less enthusiastic about broken bones, he has now shifted his focus to his visual art explorations.

For Chad, the desire to continuously improve is a significant motivator in his creative process, and he enjoys both the process and result of his work. His surrealism works often have symbolism, and he confirms that everything in his work represents something or someone. His art is like an encrypted journal that he can share publicly.

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