Astonished Alaskan Awakens to a Lynx Family Frolicking on His Porch

Alaska resident Tim Newton was jolted from his slumber by a ruckus outside on his deck. Curious to discover the source of the disturbance, he quickly got up and looked out the window. To his amazement, a lynx kitten was perched on the deck, observing his other playful kittens.

When he saw the lynx, his passion for photography ignited. He wasted no time and eagerly captured the sight of seven cute kittens and their mother with his camera.

Alaska is home to the Lynx, the only type of cat that is indigenous to this region. These felines can grow up to two to three feet in length and weigh between fifteen to thirty pounds. Since they are quite timid creatures, they usually reside in the woods, making it a rare sighting to spot them on a porch in close proximity to humans. Witnessing these magnificent creatures playing must have been an extremely fortunate experience for Mr. Newton.

During an interview with The Dodo, he recounted a moment when he heard some commotion on his deck just before dawn. Curious, he got up to investigate and was surprised to find a lynx kitten no more than two feet away from him. The kitten was quietly observing his siblings at play, running and pouncing on each other. Amazed by the opportunity, he quickly grabbed his camera and began snapping away, feeling incredibly lucky to witness such a wonderful sight.

The pictures of the lynx family are amazing and many people agree with us. They have become very popular online. You can view more of these stunning images on Tim’s website, Rugged Alaska, or on his Facebook page, Tim Newton Photography. Tim has also captured photos of other animals in their natural habitats.

Tim managed to capture numerous images of the lynx without causing any disruption, except for a curious kitten that came towards the camera to investigate. Tim shared his experience, saying, “I don’t know why I did it – perhaps to express how adorable the little kitten was – but I moved the camera away from my face, and my eyes were revealed. The kitten looked terrified! It had wide open eyes and ran away from me! Fortunately, the other kittens didn’t seem to notice.”

Approximately 40 minutes into the session, the mother cat took her litter of charming kittens back to the forest. The speaker expressed his admiration, stating that they were incredibly cute and adorable. The experience left him feeling amazed and delighted.

Why not spread the joy and share these amazing photos with your loved ones? And if you want to see even more beautiful scenery, keep exploring!

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