“A Stray Cat’s Act of Kindness: Delivering 6 Adorable Kittens to a Backyard for a Bright Future”

A group of adorable kittens were left in someone’s backyard by a stray cat, who wanted them to live a happier life.

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Kali, an animal rescuer and foster carer from NV, received a message about a group of kittens discovered outside her friend’s home. Apparently, a community cat brought four kittens to the yard, and the next day, she returned with two more. While the cat kept her distance from humans, she seemed to leave her little ones there in the hopes of getting them some assistance. The six kittens were about five weeks old and struggling to cope with the extreme heat, panting heavily.

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According to Kali who had a conversation with Love Meow, she advised her friend to bring in the kittens as the temperature soared over 110 degrees. Although they looked unclean, they seemed to be in good health. During this time, Kali and her friend are also making efforts to support the community cats, which includes getting them spayed and neutered.

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Two weeks after, Kali welcomed six adorable kittens under her wing for their foster journey. The moment they got there, they comfortably settled in and made themselves at home. They were so happy that they frolicked around, playing with each other until they exhausted themselves from all the running and wrestling.

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As the six feline siblings snuggled up together in their oversized cozy bed, they purred in harmony and affectionately groomed each other’s faces before drifting off into a peaceful slumber. Unfortunately, Kali was unable to find help from any local shelter or rescue group as they were already overwhelmed with caring for kittens during this busy season.

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Thanks to the help of the online community, Kali successfully gets the kittens through their veterinary check-ups and spay/neuter procedures once they are old enough. The litter consists of four male orange tabbies, a female Siamese-mix, and a female tortoiseshell. Interestingly, the orange cats seem to have varying shades, almost as if the mother cat ran out of ink while printing them, resulting in lighter and ultimately white coats.

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The adorable kittens have the most interesting names inspired by fast food items like Cola, Milkshake, Vanilla, Chicken Nugget, Cheeseburger and Small Fry. Interestingly, Small Fry, with his cream-colored fur, has the loudest and crunchiest meow of them all. He demands attention by roaring at the top of his lungs, muffling all other sounds in the room, to be pampered and attended to before anyone else.

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According to Kali, who spoke to Love Meow, Cola is the chattiest kitten she has ever fostered. Her constant meowing might be an attempt to make herself heard over her five siblings. Cola, a tortoiseshell cat, possesses a mix of confidence, intelligence, and fearlessness. She is vocal about everything and attempts to escape from every confinement she’s been placed in.

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Every morning, when Kali enters the room and frees the kittens from their playpen, they all become wild with excitement. Their energy knows no bounds as they dart off in various directions, creating a ruckus. It’s safe to say that these lively little troublemakers have never made for a dull moment.

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It brings me immense joy to witness the playful antics of these adorable kittens as they run around and have the time of their lives. Observing them tire themselves out after hours of frolicking, only to find them snuggled up together in a huge pile while they peacefully slumber is simply heartwarming.
These furry friends are fortunate enough to have found a safe haven in their foster home, where they are able to flourish and grow without having to face the harsh realities of the outdoors.

sleeping snoozing kittens ginger

Why not spread the word about this heartwarming tale? You can find out more about the adorable kittens and Kali’s fostering endeavors by checking out their Instagram page @turtleandfosterfriends.

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