A Feline Foodie Finds a Forever Family with New Feline Friend

A feline found the perfect abode to satiate its hunger and wound up being taken in by a duo who were already looking after its sibling.

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Approximately three months prior, a feline made an appearance outside Allison Ilcken’s abode, scavenging for sustenance. After discovering the forlorn feline, Allison and her family began leaving food out, and soon enough, the cat became a familiar sight, returning consistently between 4-5 pm every evening.
Allison, who fosters for AnimalLuvr’s Dream Rescue, revealed that she first noticed the cat on her porch for three consecutive days. However, the feline vanished for a couple of weeks before resurfacing once more. Despite their efforts, no one in the vicinity claimed the cat, so they set up a humane trap to secure her safety.

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Initially, Lottie the cat was quite scared and reacted with hissing and swatting. However, with a peaceful environment, plentiful treats, and comforting words, Lottie gradually started to feel more at ease. Despite initially wanting to hide under a blanket, Lottie allowed back rubs which helped her to calm down. By the next day, she even began to enjoy chin scratches and developed the courage to hold her head up high.

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After a week of observing her, we finally noticed Lottie feeling a bit more at ease. But the biggest transformation came after her spaying procedure; she became incredibly affectionate. When we saw her age and coat type, it reminded us of Berlioz, a previous foster kitten who we rescued from the same area six months earlier.

calico cat lottie

We had a hunch that this adorable pup might just be related to Berlioz. She had the same fluffy fur and was the exact same size. Like Berlioz, she was frightened at first, but with some tender loving care and a few tasty treats, he eventually warmed up to us and found a wonderful forever home with an affectionate couple.

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After a visit to the vet, it was confirmed that Lottie and her brother were indeed siblings. Excited by this discovery, the couple made the decision to adopt Lottie so that she could be reunited with her brother after all those years apart.

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When Lottie, now known as Bellatrix, arrived at her new abode, she was initially anxious. For the first few days, she preferred to stay in her cozy hiding spot, but before long, she began to warm up to her new owners. She even let them stroke her and reached out to touch their hands with her paws.

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Bellatrix emerged from her hideout after a week and started playing with toys while seeking affection from her owners. The moment she met her brother again, Berlioz, now called Professor, she was overjoyed and made attempts to engage him in playtime. Initially, Professor was unsure how to respond to her outgoing behavior, but Bellatrix’s determination eventually won him over.

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On a daily basis, the girl made an effort to bond with her professor and teach him how to play. She aimed to prove her good intentions. As a result of her efforts, the professor was able to relearn how to play and the two have become very close. His sister, Allison, expressed how pleased she is with the transformation in her brother’s happiness.

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The dynamic duo of Bellatrix and her brother are practically inseparable, as they engage in endless playtime indoors while chasing each other around. Whenever they reach their limit, Bellatrix will curl up next to her sibling and show her affection towards him.
Despite being apart for several months, their reunion has only strengthened their bond, bringing them closer together than ever before.

cats best friends

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